The Here and Now … or soon, anyway

March 21, 2008 – 5:47 pm

More often, I blog about abstract concepts and remote events that catch my interest.  I’m not even sure this blog has any local (Rockville, MD) readers.  Occasionally, though, local happenings are irresistable topics:

  1.  An SUV crashed into a Starbucks near me today.  OVER a brick planter! (so much for that physical security attempt).  From the news, only minor injuries occurred.   I was elsewhere, waitng for a phone interview.
  2. There’s a case mod contest at a Microcenter in town tomorrow.  I’d love to go (with my XO), if I weren’t headed to a friend’s birthday party then. I love seeing the creative ideas people come up with to personalize their systems.  All I’ve done so far to distinguish my XO from others at OLPCLCDC meetups is tie a green cloth belt/shoulder strap onto mine.
  3. Art exhibit coming up April 6:  Interpretations:  A Collaborative Exhibit. Brushed steel and other sculptural arrangements.  Looks good!  That same day, there’ll be a tour and lecture about the exhibit space, Glenview Mansion, now on the National Register of Historic Places. I’ve visited a number of exhibits there  over the years and like the mansion and the grounds and gardens.  It will be interesting to see what they mean by “collaborative” at the exhibit, and learn a bit more local history.

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