OLPC Penguicon Roundtable notes

May 1, 2008 – 1:04 am

 Benjamin Mako Hill (Penguicon Guest of Honor, OLPC Common Resources developer, and of other fame) joined us, so the roundtable started with a 15-minute Q&A with him (I hope he was ok with that; the panelists (Frank Schreiber, cmdln, and I) hadn’t really come up with a game plan for that contingency). There were some questions about the recent departures and Microsoft’s increasing presence (this roundtable was before Negroponte’s incendiary remarks, or I’m sure Mako Hill would have gotten questions on that, too). He was positive about the future of the OLPC organization, scaling up (hiring, better project/bug management) and moving forward. Other topics included mesh/wireless connectivity and OLPC program implementation details.

The rest of the time, we went around the table talking about what software we like using on the XO (Opera, Firefox, StarChart, Moon, Speak, Synergy), resources for information and answers (OLPC wiki and forum, OLPC News forum), community jabber servers for collaboration, and peripherals (SD flash cards, USB memory sticks, mice, and keyboards).

After our hour was up, some of us went on to the Computer Lounge, and talked about some XO bugs and fixes, but I had to go on soon to prep for my next panel.

I had chatted with Mako Hill for a couple of minutes up in the con suite the night before, while I was assisting with liquid nitrogen ice cream making, and during the roundtable I loaned him my extra G1G1 laptop , which he had said would be newer than the XO he has. I’m not sure if he used it much or what he thought of the differences, though. I’ll never wash my XO again?


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