Synchronicity and Traceability

May 14, 2008 – 10:29 am

Mark Shuttleworth wrote a post about the latest Ubuntu LTS (long term service) release, 8.04, and associated and upcoming release management (and his hopes for coordination of release schedules with other open source efforts).  His entry is interesting, and the comments are also interesting (balancing release dates v. stability, synchronicity, politics/competing interests between different open source groups, and so on).

I don’t always find much in the Communications of the ACM (mailed to me monthly, now with an online version for subscribers, too), but this May issue has several articles that drew me in.  “Improving the Change-Management Process” talks about the connections and gaps between configuration management and traceability.  I agree with them that configuration management implementations do not always deal well with non-source-code information and artifacts. However, I would have preferred that their example tool had been a more modern tool than  Visual SourceSafe, or an integrated tool suite such as CollabNet’s SourceForge Enterprise Edition, or ClearCase/ClearQuest etc.  It would also be interesting to see more about process gaps and how different groups can approach issues of gaps and overlaps.  The ACM article (Kannan Mohan, Peng Xu, Balasubramaniam Ramesh) serves pretty well as an introduction to folks not as familiar with the issues, and I did like their charts and explanatory figures.


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