Am I being spamblocked?

July 28, 2013 – 10:10 am

The last 4/5 comments I’ve tried making to different WordPress blogs, several of which I’d commented to successfully before, have simply not made it through when I’ve listed this account (URL) as my identification. No error message. It’s like I didn’t ever try to comment. However, I’ve made successful comments using other IDs in the same time period. I’d like to point folks back here when I comment, on the theory that I’ll start blogging more regularly from this account, but not if that sends my comments into the void.

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  2. In case it was because of my running an old version of WordPress here (and/or needing to upgrade Akismet which needed the newer version; I’ve had to remove more spam comments lately), I’ve upgraded today. Happy thanks giving, for all who celebrate!

    By configures on Nov 28, 2013

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